I dieted and I did not lose weight. What to do ?
For 80% of the people, the excess weight is of food origin but for the 20% remaining there are more complex causes, metabolic (thyroid dysregulation, taking of drugs, endocrine dysfunction, …) stress, You have to settle before you can lose weight, whatever diet you want to do. With our OIMINESS program, you will learn to feed yourself properly and the weight loss will be done gradually. Our program is recognized, appreciated and works very well: our customers lose on average 5 kilos per month!
How much water do I drink per day and can I drink other drinks?

It is important to drink 1.5 liters per day of plain or gaseous water. You can choose flavored waters, cold or hot tisanes without sugar and occasionally a light drink.

If I have a small in the afternoon what can I eat?

Do not forget to take an organic cereal or fruit according to your program. It will help you wait until your dinner. During your regular phone appointments, your coach will be able to adapt his / her advice so that you are well satisfied. That is important and we are watching for it.

I have already tried different diets and I have taken all my pounds

OUIMINCEUR is a balanced program that will bring you first and foremost a rebalancing of food! Your coach will be there to guide you and give you all the advice you need to correct and regain good eating habits, be more attentive to your satiety and give you all the motivation to reach your goal weightloss. And, finally, your coach will follow you through the stabilization program step by step. Stabilization is paramount if you do not want to do the “yoyo” anymore!

I do some exercise when I get out of work. What can I eat before?

You can, of course, consider hydration before and after!

I'm invited to friends, how do I?

If you know them well, you can afford to arrive with your meal OUIMINCEUR. You will astonish them by good taste. If you prefer to eat with other diners, be sure to consider the quantities because you tend to eat a little more with friends and do not take more than one glass of wine per meal.

I've been working at night for years and gaining weight, can I follow your schedule?

Of course, your coach will be able to advise you on how to organize your meals in the best way to adapt to your professional rhythm.

Can I follow your program for several months?

Our OIMINCEUR program is entirely supervised by a nutritionist and a dietician. The balance and organization of the menus are in line with the recommendations of the National Nutrition Program (NNP). Your three daily meals are perfectly balanced and well proportioned. All our meals bring to your body everything you need: proteins, starches, vegetables. No feelings of hunger. No deficiency. Weight loss is done gradually and without causing the body to suffer.

Can I reverse meals (lunch / dinner) or days (Tuesday lunch and Wednesday dinner)?

It is important to follow the organization of the weeks we advocate. The regularity of your meals is important, so it is essential that you respect this program faithfully. Any change can delay your weight loss. We will inform you during the program of the modifications you can make without affecting your results. Indeed, you can not reverse the dinner with that of the lunch because the energy contributions are calculated for the lunch and the evening. On the other hand, you can quite take a dish from another day, but choosing another lunch with another lunch (yellow case) for example.

Can I add vegetables to meals?

It is advisable to add vegetables, a green salad to your meals (lunch and dinner). They are very low calories and bring you fiber, vitamins and also allow you to have a good satiety. You can alternate raw and cooked, fresh, frozen or canned. Some vegetables are limited to 100g per meal: artichoke (1 only), beetroot, carrot, palm heart, macedonia, salsify. You can accompany them with a homemade vinaigrette: a teaspoon of olive or colza oil, a dash of vinegar and herbs (chives, parsley, thyme …).

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